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In this section, you can directly buy your replacement lamps and new filters so you are sure to have genuine manufacturer products made in the USA. Only Sanuvox genuine equipment is sold on our website or at our distributors’ branches.


WARNING: Only use genuine SANUVOX UV lamps specified for your UV unit or system. Use of any other lamp will invalidate your warranty and may damage the unit or UV system. Take particular care to avoid UV lamps manufactured in China, as they are built with low quality, low efficiency components. In the interests of quality performance, we therefore advise you to buy your SANUVOX lamps from our website.


Unlike other conventional UV lamps on the market, those from Sanuvox use a patented process that delivers a maximum dose of UV to the moving
air stream.


Maintain optimal air safety with regular filter replacements to ensure your units are operating at peak performance, effectively helping remove harmful airborne pathogens from the air.

Air purifier

Designed to help reduce airborne viruses,
bacteria, mold and germs.

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